Healing Touch and Integrative Psychotherapy are now offered at the following locations:

Tuesdays, 9am-5pm at the Herndon Healing Studio

Fridays 9am-6pm - Beloved Yoga, 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, Va.

All other times - Herndon Healing Studio

Home or business visits also available.

Call Maureen at 703 606-3285 or email to maureenenergy@gmail.com to schedule your session.

Healing Touch Sessions and Classes

Energy Healing Sessions

Healing Touch appointments are available alone or in combination with psychotherapy (progressive integrative psychotherapy). Healing Touch appointments are available during weekday with Maureen H. McCracken, RN, CS, CHTI in both ways.

What to expect from a Healing Touch session? Appointments will last 45 minutes. The practitioner takes some time to talk to you about why you've come and what you expect to have as a result of treatment. You are then usually asked to lie on a massage table, clothed and the practitioner does an assessment of your energy system. She may or may not play some relaxing music and with hand movements on or off the body, proceeds to balance and harmonize your energy system assisting you to self-heal.

Healing Touch has been documented through research and experience to reduce anxiety and pain, induce relaxation and accelerate wound healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Healing Touch potentiates the action of medication, so that clients need less of it. It aids the transition of dying and other transitions and provides a still point for the development of insight, wisdom and right action.

Maureen H. McCracken integrates energy healing, EMDR and other alternative modalities with her psychotherapy and also does Healing Touch by itself.

She especially enjoys working with clients with a history of trauma, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disease and stress overload.

Personal coaching is also available to remove emotional and mental obstacles to success in personal and professional life, life purpose planning, relationship building and conflict management. Ms. McCracken is a consultant to women wishing to break through the glass ceiling as well as woman simply wishing empowerment through culturally and familial induced fears. She is available to corporations dealing with productivity problems and in need of consulting.

Contact Maureen McCracken at 703 606-3285 or by email to maureenenergy@gmail.com

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