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Student Testimonials

"This is my first introduction to energy work. I was honestly suspicious at the beginning of this class, but through interactions with my instructor and the hands-on practice, I am a believer! I am so excited to learn more and practice. Incredible. Thank you!"
Lilly Kawar

"There was a wonderful sense of community with freedom to share and explore our individuality as practitioners. Maureen fostered our communication skills to encourage one another and empower ourselves and our clients ".
Barbara Bowman

"This was by far my best HTP class. Maureeen exemplifies the spirit in action of Healing Touch. She was non-judgmental but always informative and caring."
Sylvia Hood Washington

"Maureen facilitated group cohesion beautifully. This was an awesome experience of community for me which I will never forget. A good synthesis of learning of all the levels."

"I thought this class was excellent. Maureen was great throughout. I felt that I knew her almost immediately. She was clear and concise, kept on time, answered questions and kept to the program!"
Dawn Higgins

"Maureen was gracious, kind and available. I was blessed to hae her as my Level 5 instructor."
Renee Fletcher

"Maureen is a wonderful instructor. She is bright and cheerful and has a beautiful gift to teach with both elegance and humor. She has empowered her students to heal with grace and professionalism."
Crystal Perry

"Absolutely wonderful class I felt so welcomed and accepted and I learned so much."
Colleen Cronin

"I loved the Hara Alignment Meditation (HAM) and raising my vibration for better results. The entire weekend was wonderful. I have such a better understanding and confidence in the Healing Touch techniques."
Amy Connelly

" Wonderful vibrant weekend. Well done in every regard."
Rose Marshall

"I enjoyed learning a whole new technique--HAM."
Diane Black

"Maureen McCracken was a friendly, knowledgeable instructor. Her class was fun as well as educational. I loved attending her class."
Mary R. Corkoff

"Maureeen was wonderful, loving, supportive, empowering! I feel I grew personally and as a practitioner this weekend."
Martha P. Howland

"Maureen is an excellent listener."
Elizabeth J. Smith

Contact Maureen McCracken at 703 606-3285 or by email to maureenenergy@gmail.com

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