Healing Touch appointments are available alone or in combination with psychotherapy (progressive integrative psychotherapy). Healing Touch appointments are available during weekdays with Maureen H. McCracken, RN, CS, CHTI in both ways.

What to expect from a Healing Touch session? Appointments last 45 minutes and begin with discussing with you why you've come and what to expect as a result of treatment. After requesting that you lie on a massage table, clothed, the practitioner assesses your energy system. With hand movements on or off the body, the practitioner proceeds to balance and harmonize your energy system assisting you to self-heal.

Healing Touch has been documented through research and experience to reduce anxiety and pain, induce relaxation and accelerate wound healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It potentiates the action of medication, so that clients need less of it and aids the transition of dying and other transitions. Healing Touch provides a still point for the development of insight, wisdom and right action.

Personal coaching is also available to remove emotional and mental obstacles to success in personal and professional life, life purpose planning, relationship building and conflict management. 



Introduction to Healing Touch 

Enjoy basic energy healing to love and heal yourself and others with Maureen McCracken, Healing Touch Certified Instructor and Integrative Psychotherapist. This can be a 1 1/2 hour workshop or six hours.

Healing Touch for Self Care 

This is a six hour workshop is for anyone searching for ways to heal themselves using energy healing! Theory, demonstration of several energy healing techniques from the Healing Touch Program* to decrease depression, anxiety insomnia, pain and accelerate wound healing and then practice using them!

All ages are welcome. Children need to be accompanied by an adult.

Healing Touch for Stress Management

Enjoy learning specific techniques to manage stress in all facets of your life with Maureen McCracken, Healing Touch Certified Instructor and Integrative Psychotherapist. This is a 1 1/2 hour workshop.

Connect With Maureen


When I unexpectedly had some serious back pain, she made herself available to send a distant healing to me, even though she was traveling and out of town. Within a 1/2 hr she had released the back pain and I was able to get going and leave my pain meds alone!! Maureen does wonderful distant healing work! I recommend her most heartily.

 Quick story... I injured my wrists in three places pretty badly just before the show, when a crank to lower the stage slipped from my hand. I made the mistake of trying to grab hold of it with both hands, but the velocity was too much and my hands got tied up in it. I've never had an injury where I swelled up so fast, and for a moment looking at my left wrist, I thought, this isn't good - obviously concerned that I wouldn't be able to play. Within 10 minutes of Maureen's Healing Touch, Healing Touch of Washington, DC, the swelling and inflammation subsided and the swelling went down considerably. About 5 minutes into the healing, my wrist twitched twice - clearly an energetic at play. 

Maureen is non-judgmental, caring, honest and a very talented energy healer. Her Healing Touch sessions have assisted me through my many health challenges as a Lyme patient. She is also an excellent instructor. Maureen draws from a wealth of knowledge and experience in not just energy healing but as a Psychotherapist and Psychiatric Nurse.